Great Texas Home Services - Unlicensed Plumbing Contractor on Angie's List

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Bought a Plumbing big deal on Angie's List.The guy came out and was a great guy, that's not the problem.

I had to turn in the receipt to my landlord and he refused to pay it. I asked why and he said this person is not licensed, as they must legally put their license number on the invoice. I was really surprised until I went back on Angie's List and the company actually admits they have a plumber apprentice only. How can Angie's List send out unlicensed people?

My landlord turned the invoice over to the plumbing board for review.

Again nice guy that did the work, just not sure if that company understands that you have to be properly licensed.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #761499

An apprentice is just as good as a plumber for certain tasks and CAN legally work on his/her own under the plumber's license. Sounds like your landlord is giving you the run-around.

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